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There are many varieties of hot tubs around, with the most popular in the UK being produced by Hotspring and Arctic Spas.

As with everything else, the technology is also advancing and pampering people at home. Your day might not be great but with a hot tub waiting for you at home for there is something you can really look forward to. Hot tub technology is making a difference.

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The modern hot tub is an instrument for comfort and relaxation. Manufacturers all over the world are responding to the needs of people who want to have a nice luxurious dip in the tub not just to refresh their body but to essentially recharge their senses, or have some sort of inner healing from the rigors of daily life. Here are some tub technologies which have recently hit the market:

  1. The “airbath” equipped tubs – there was a time when the water jet was the ultimate must-have in the world of hot tubs. Not anymore. While water jets are still desired by some the latest in tub technology takes a more subtle approach.


The airbath mimics a soft massage movement in the water allowing people to just enjoy the mild caressing of a gentle stream, coaxing all the tired muscles to take it easy, to enjoy the soft but tangible pressure in the water. The quiet operation of the pumps for such systems is also adding to the zen-like experience. In fact many people could not just believe there was no one in the tub with them massaging their tired back and shoulders.


  1. Chromatherapy – people are driven by their senses and while the airbath is making sure that tired muscles in the body are massaged gently, the eyes is also drawn to the amazing lighting in the tub itself. This spa technology is designed to soften the experience in the tub. A bathroom that is also equipped with nice lighting and some soft music will further enhance the chromatherapy experience – the mood enhancing lighting that can switch the brain from busy to almost idle. Intentional relaxation is the best word that describes light therapy.


  1. Deep hot tubs – new tubs also allow people to soak deep in the water, even submerge completely in it thanks to its overflow rim that is intelligently added to its design. These tubs can change your whole relaxation experience. With the airbath and chromatherapy technologies, these tubs will allow people to just dip and relax in the water for hours on end, until such time that tiredness and stress is drained out from their system.

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  1. Hot tub apps – one up to date hot tub technology today is an app controlled tub. Sometimes you end up going home later than usual and all you can think about is taking a long soak. Now you have the ability to set your tub’s temperature before you go home and have the water jets running even before you turn the last corner to your house.


By the time you get in your garden you do not have to wait a single second to get into the highly anticipated dip. Now that is convenient! All done through your mobile phone, in real time.


  1. Ultraviolet light water disinfection – the leading issue for hot tub use has always been sanitation. Cleaning up a tub is also not a pleasant thing to think about. This is why when the UV disinfection technology was introduced there was a collective sigh of relief.  This technology makes water disinfection almost effortless. The water is continually cleansed thru a UV light sanitizer, like those used in drinking water purification systems. The UV light disinfection is safe and is very effective at the same time. It prevents the build-up of chlorine by-products and also clean up the water from protozoa and other organic pollutants. Now you can have your dip in your hot tub without ever doubting the sanitation of the water. That adds to the relaxation factor of the tub and should make the whole experience 10 times better.

Hot tub technology is continually advancing and it will only get better in the coming years as more people are drawn to the idea of having their own relaxation paradise in their gardens. Who says feeling invigorated and refreshed can only be achieved in expensive commercial spas?