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Any questions?

Buying a hot tub is a major financial investment.  Most people have a number of questions that need to be answered before they go ahead.  Please look through the following answers, and if you have a query which isn’t dealt with here, please get in touch either by phone or by web form.

Is planning permission necessary before I can install a hot tub?

Standard hot tubs and swim spas do not normally require any form of planning permission due to the fact that they are a temporary/moveable structure.

If you live in a conservation area, or own a listed building, you will beed to check with the local planning authority if you are thinking of installing a permanent spa, such as in in-ground swim spa.

How do I transport the tub?

Top Hot Tubs will do everything on your behalf.  Our team will transport the spa, and move it into place.  It is your responsibility to check that there is sufficient space around your property for the hot tub to be moved around and installed.  Check the height of the tub, and make sure that it will fit through any garden gates while on its side.

If there isn’t sufficient access, then they are still options available to you.  Perhaps a neighbour’s property has wider access and we could remove fence panels to locate the tub.

Many customers require a crane lift.  If this needed, please contact us and we can help you to arrange it.

What does the tub stand on?

We recommend a base which of concrete which is at least 4 inches deep.  This will provide a stable base for the tub which could weigh as much as 2 tonnes when filled with water.